Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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wooden spiral staircase

In large houses or duplexes, which have more than one plant, sometimes chosen as connecting the wooden staircase. They are very stylish, provide a spectacular finish and are not too expensive, but the fact is that, over time , they are deteriorating for continued use. Not mean they are worse than stone or anything, but if you need a specific care from time to time, yes, very simple. If you have been spoiled any of the steps of your stairs, the first thing you should do is repair the surface.

We must therefore step sanding the surface with a basic sander and sanding sheet coarse. Thus, we achieve remove the shoulder surface and with it, the traces of shoes that may exist. Once wooden staircase well, the next step is to clean the area. Simply, simply wipe moistened with alcohol to remove the remains of existing dust after sanding.

wooden staircase

Once we have the clean area and if we see that the shoulder is tired, we place a non-skid adhesive tape, since the poor condition of the step can cause tripping. There are different colors for this type of tape, so that we can find a wood tone barely perceived. When we have the tape in place, we can only give a finish.

how to build a wooden spiral staircase

To do this, we use a primer layer to water, following the direction of the wood grain. After the drying time, apply two coats of varnish to water, especially for floors, sanding between coats. Thus, we achieve our step looking like new. What tricks have to maintain your wooden staircase?


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