Thursday, September 17, 2015

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The book of ideas today will be devoted to discussing amazing combined glass staircase: the building whose main purpose communicate spaces that are at different heights. But besides being a fully functional element, the stairs can be for other decorative.

Today we emphasize the glass staircase. Generally, such steps are often combined with contrasting materials with glass, such as wood or steel. But beyond materials, glass staircases are aimed at creating transparent, clean and modern environments.

The first example we bring ideas in this book is a  staircase  built, almost entirely, tempered glass and where, very timidly, a metal structure looks and is the basic skeleton design. Furthermore, this ladder responds to construction system known as: two ladder sections. The main feature of this model is its transparency. Definitely a staircase in modern and classic at the same time end.

Again we turn to find a staircase built in two sections. This design feels certainly much hotter because of the presence of wood. The glass railing staircase allows us to appreciate the game of contrast between the wall and the staircase structure bicolor, without interfering with the clear sense of this environment. This design has recently become very popular in modern homes.

This type spiral staircase designed in steel and translucent glass is a wonderful classic. Both the vertebral structure and the railing, matt steel used that combines perfectly with the opaque glass that has been used on the steps. The interesting thing about this type of stairs is visually non invasive and tend to be the protagonists of the environments in which they are placed.

An interesting fact in this ladder, and responds to the latest trends, it is the lighting of the steps. In this particular case, the steps incorporate a lighting system based on LED what otroga them a faint glow that illuminates every step.


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