Sunday, September 27, 2015

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Modern staircase design come in many styles and designs that are real eye-catchers can be in the living area. We have for you 10 modern staircase design put together that can give you some ideas on how you can integrate their safety, aesthetics and function in the living area.

Security is an important issue when it comes to stairs. Security, however, vary in importance depending on the user. For example, an ultra modern stairs without railings can be perfect for a young student, but the same stairs is a problem when they are used by children or the elderly, who need the railing for support.

The design phase is where a staircase takes a solid form, if the architect determines the materials such as wood, metal or glass and decide on the best possible use of space. For example, if the architect is working in a small, confined space, a spiral staircase or vertical stairs is be the best option. In a large open space but the possibilities are numerous.

You should consider two factors into consideration. If you want to merge the stairs perfectly with their environment, then you must use a similar design and decorative elements as in the rest of the house. The other option is a staircase which instead requires total attention in harmony. This fascinating eye catcher should have an unusual shape, color or interesting railing.

Note that even the most beautiful modern staircase design can be a deterrent for you if they are not adapted to their needs. For example, you might think that a "floating" glass staircase is a great idea, but someone who wears a skirt or a dress will not agree. A glass or metal stairs without railings is a fine example of modern architecture, but a family of three children and grandmother would probably find that such stair is too uncertain.

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