Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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Choose exterior spiral you can build a wooden spiral staircase, either from a kit or fully by hand. The central post and bands can be steel with wooden steps, or the entire ladder can be wood.

Any ladder can be measured quite easily. Measure hard floor hard floor, and then decide on the diameter you would like. You can buy pre-made kits and build your staircase yourself, or you can build by hand.

wooden spiral staircase design is elegant and natural impression even if installed in a corner of the room. It is a good choice in not very spacious because its box, ie, the space occupied by the stairs inside the house, is very small, but are marketed in different diameters and heights. In this type of stairs, also called worm, the steps revolve around an axis and, for safety, the rail is important but can do without it at startup or startup

In some cases, you may have a metal frame for wooden spiral staircase, for example for use outdoors. You can buy the center post and the bands and do the steps by hand, or buy a kit for the whole staircase.

Wherever you are installing the wooden spiral staircase, always make sure you have obtained the proper permissions and is zoned for such a facility. Make sure you have the necessary authorization for clearance, and for fingers and hands around the railings


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