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small spiral staircase

If in our house we have objects that are placed very high, making it difficult their grip, we can solve the problem by building a scale. With our imagination we can make a line up alternative to those usual , or build a spiral. This element we realize choosing solid wood. In addition to being useful for taking the objects it may also form a decorative corner on which to put ornamental plants and ornaments . This guide is intended to give the directions simple and precise on how to build a small spiral staircase .

The important thing that we must remember is that all the parties must unite by pinning. For starters we draw on wood the pieces, which we cut using the hacksaw. We must, then, draw on them too the places where we go to slide the pins. Later, with the sandpaper we sand the surfaces of all the elements and from the bottom begin the assembly of the ladder, step by step. In the end we must secure the highest part of the handrail column.

small spiral staircase design

Now is the time to realize the four steps that must be of the following measures for How to build a small spiral staircase: the first of 48x23x3 cm., Must have the stakes interlocking of 12,2x3,5 cm. In diameter. The second we do to 48x23x3 cm. With stakes 27,5x3,5 cm. In diameter; the third of 48x23x3 cm with pallets 12,5x3,5 cm and the fourth and last step of 48x19x3 cm .. When we trace the curved sides use the jig, to facilitate our work. The calculation of the amplitude of the angles we do with the goniometer; Then, we round up and cant summits with the sander.

wood small spiral staircase

At this point we must cut the pieces that we're going to drill the two ends . This work is done by using a bit of a size must have depth of 1.5 mm. It's time to cut the ends of the boards so that they form angles of 45 °. We glue the ends together and for snugly we press with the terminal. Consolidate, then, the 'right angle using a triangular reinforcement of measures 3x3x2 cm. We must now make three holes along the curved side; This work should not be done to the leaders as we have already entered the plugs through the support feet. We have now completed the work and obtained, with minimal expense, a custom object and very useful for home.

How to build a small spiral staircase


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