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painted staircase

How to staircase painting to the right? Painting a stairway is relatively easy. It takes care and preparation of the support. And here are some easy steps that you can follow

Choose the colors

Benefits of painting
The painting has the double advantage of being aesthetic and practical. When decorating the staircase also meeting its simplest maintenance. The choice of color or is a function of both the location and the shape of stairs. Make sure the selected color is in harmony with the room decor.
If the staircase receives little light, opt for sunny and bright colors
Conversely, choose cooler colors such as blue or green. Watch out for bright colors that may be garish.

painting a staircase

painted staircases

Color Schemes

Color schemes also allow to cheat on volumes with optical effects.
The contrasts, more toned, are matching opposite colors: hot and cold, light and dark.
Warm tones and supported on risers and predominantly pale steps will create a striking relief effect.

Select the paint

Forming coating called to bear many comings and goings, the painting of the staircase must have a foolproof resistance. It must also be waterproof and easy to maintain. Only a paint for interior floor is strong enough. Therefore prefer a floor paint, for added protection of exposed soil or soil antitraces deco paint in bright colors that you find paint radius of your store.
Resistant and easy to maintain, they are suitable to protect and decorate the stairs.

Prepare the support

Waxed stairs should be cleaned with a Wax Remover based thérébenthine.
If it is already painted or varnished, décapez it with a chemical stripper then sand entire surface in the direction of the fiber to avoid damage wood.
Use a belt sander, vibrating sander or eccentric (orbital) for flat surfaces and an angle grinder for corners which you will change the wholesale grain finish.
If it is not possible for the "return" tear the nails and screws that can exceed steps or risers.
Bouchez with wood putty to the holes and scratches on the surface.
If necessary, apply a wood treatment.
Place a masking tape on the wall so that all surfaces to be protected.

painted staircases

Apply paint

Start with the handrail and all balusters and treads and risers. Needless to override paint to go faster, prefer thin layers well drawn.

Always start at the top for the work ahead. Make to stretch the paint.
Allow the first coat to dry the necessary time specified by the manufacturer before applying the next.

Tip: While painting the staircase contributes to improving the decoration, but a problem could arise if there is a only access we have to take all day long. The best way to solve this inconvenience is not paint a march on two instead of paint at once, at the risk of letting the stairs out of use. After the drying time, continue to paint the remaining steps.

vitrified or oil stairs

Other decorative solutions
If you do not wish to paint a new wooden staircase you can simply vitrify.
Spend an undercoat followed by two coats of sealer matt, satin or gloss over the entire surface.
You can also opt for an oil, including exotic wooden staircase.
Spend a first coat and let dry 24 hours.
Wipe off and apply a second coat.


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