Monday, September 21, 2015

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Space saving stairs ideas - The loft is always a great help when it comes to finding space where apparently there is none. It remains, however, then the problem of where to locate the connection with this, that we should even get in some way: a staircase actual fact could occupy large slices of volume, even lengthwise. The solution, however, as we shall see can be extremely simple.

In Rome, for example, an apartment the size is not very generous, dating back to 1923 and located at the beginning of Viale Parioli, it has been transformed into a small  loft where every corner has been exploited to the maximum of its potential. All this has been successful thanks to a small-scale suspended, which was placed at the center of the living, acting as well as access to soppalcatura occupying the sleeping area, even from space partition, which defines the area of the house without constraints , using only the amplitudes vertical and occupying really the bare minimum.

space saving stairs design

Moving it across the space saving stairs leading to the bedroom loft, we see how even the living area has its own identity, presenting itself as a comfortable and elegant in its simplicity white minimalist design. The final touch is the famous "Arco" floor lamp designed by one of the star players of the Italian design.

Large building shelving all developed horizontally optimize space on the wall, providing ample space for reading and love for everything that we need for the relaxation area, in an environment full of light and airy, with windows facing the most beautiful part of Viale Parioli. A final special feature is the wooden ceiling: during the work this fact was  discovered  above the old ceiling and was then refurbished and painted in black, in perfect harmony with the soul all white interior of the house .

space saving stairs ideas

Often there is no way to find the place all furniture we need: one to place the TV, another place where the ceramics of family and good service - we will not use pretty much anything, but we still like to know that It is there-and yet something about the objects as emergency batteries halogen, candles, screwdriver, pliers how to write a well organized arrangement of all this?

Not at all. Let's take for example a look at this project entirely focused on the recovery of precious centimeters. First of all we are pleasantly impressed by the use of natural materials and fittings, such as different types of wood: teak, bamboo and maple. The coatings used for the niches, namely the mosaichino glassy and the stoneware with the machined surface in bas-relief, plug of color contrasts and textural effect, that make up a pleasing visual harmony overall.


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