Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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The staircase is an architectural element in our home that can give us a lot of play when decorating christmas staircase ideas. Thanks to the railing we can hang many Christmas items that can not be put elsewhere in the house.

christmas staircase design

I was looking for inspiration about christmas staircase ideas that I have at home, and found these pictures that for one reason or another I liked. But ultimately no use to me I will be playing improvise something with the means at my disposal

christmas staircase ideas 2015

One of the most typical and create a Christmas atmosphere instantly, are the Christmas garlands. You can use the typical greens and decorate with red ornaments, or opt for gold or silver ornaments that give a different, brighter and elegant touch. Another idea is to make gifts and decorative packages that imitate the steps a gift. Yes, let plain view of the danger of tripping over them and fall down the stairs.

christmas staircase ideas

design ideas christmas staircase

Here are some simple christmas staircase ideas decorating , with typical Christmas items but it will give your home that warm and cozy touch that creates the Christmas decorations


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