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There are many ways to decorate interior stairs . From the simplest, which involves placing a plant at the beginning of the route, until the making of a closet in the stairwell. You can also install carpet , which not only have a decorative effect, but that muffle sounds, and prevent slipping. But we must always take care that the installation is correct, to prevent tripping. UnComo In this article you will find tips on how to decorate stairs inside.

Lighting is an important element in the decoration of interior stairs , it prevents accidents and for its aesthetic value. The lighting depends on the shape of the stairs, you can use side appliques, upper, or illumination from the steps. You can view tips and tricks of lighting in our section of lamps and lights

The railing of the stairs is a good decorative element can include carvings on the balustrade, or various materials of aesthetic value. In the interior stairs, one of the elements of interior stairs, which can take more party, is the space under the stairs .

Today, the houses lack adequate space for comfortable life, the cupboards do not get to hold all the objects we accumulate. To address this deficiency, we can resort to the use of the stairwells. This space is usually wasted, and can provide many utilities depending on the type of staircase you have.

One of the most practical uses is as wardrobe, especially for stairs attached to the wall. You can install a staircase that already includes a cabinet in its place, or you can install him as doors and shelves where you can keep from clothes, books, even the cleaning implements such as vacuum cleaner, brooms, etc.

For spiral staircases , which leave little room below, you can use square modules, forming shelves for storing books and other objects. You can also install modules with drawers. When you have large interior stairs , the gap is large and can be placed under a sofa or a table for correspondence with a chair.

Another option is to place shelves to install a cellar under the stairs, in this case, must take into account that the temperature should be constant and low for the conservation of the wines. That is a staircase that is adjacent to a fire, it does not work for this purpose.


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