Friday, September 11, 2015

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How many times a day ups and downs the stairs in your house? The stairs are often part of the daily run, however, not being so distinguished an area such as the living room or bedroom , we tend to leave in oblivion. So I want to take this opportunity to remind you that it is a space that can not forget when staircase decorating ideas of our house. The stairs are architectural elements required in homes with various heights , but at the same time

They can also become perfect decoration components. Yes, a ladder at home offers many possibilities when decorating such as headaches , because often difficult to find the ideal formula to decorate stairs. For some time now interior trends attach great importance to the stairs. The key to decorate depends on the type of staircase you have.

Staircase decorating ideas

If your staircase is straight have the advantage that there are plenty of ideas for decorating. If you are lucky that it is a wide staircase, with a wall between the two phases of the stairs, you'd better take advantage of this space to decorate with pictures, vases, you can even use a gap as small Liberia. It will not be overwhelming given the breadth of space and certainly will create a perfect environment

If your ladder is L-shaped or landing you have more options to decorate. Utilize the space for, for example, a vase of flowers .O if like the picture, you have a large influx of light by the stairs, choose the option to put a pretty plant.

Unless they are very large, do not put ornaments on the steps that can be annoying. In the end more than decorative become a nuisance and you end up getting tired of them. Not to mention that if there are children at home until they can be dangerous if they encounter them.

In case you can afford to put some shelves in a library between the ladder and the wall, do not hesitate. It's a good idea to maximize space while you get an original effect. Uses this shelf for books, movies or CDs.

Keep these tips about staircase decorating ideas in mind and above all, do not forget: The staircase is as important as the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room or the kitchen!


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