Sunday, September 13, 2015

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glass staircase

Today we speak of glass staircase, a key element in any type of house on several levels. The scales have changed over time and in recent years have been revolutionized thanks to new materials. A new way to conceive the living has come forward and in doing so also designs and projects have changed. The space in the house, becoming more personalized, turns every architectural volume in a symbol element of a specific style.

One of the hottest materials in recent years is certainly the glass that looks strong enough and look elegant and minimal. Today we decided to make a brief overview of various types and combinations of glass staircase to try to figure out what course to take home.

glass staircase railing

Glass and stainless steel. Here is the winning combination for having a scale visually light, but of great resistance. This solution is composed of a vertical plate for fixing to the wall, with two vertical plates joined together by cylindrical spacers. On top cylinders attach steel hidden inside of the step. The latter is formed by three sheets of transparent glass.

The glass balustrades and glass railings are used by architects to visually lighten the scale, especially if this is at the center of a room as the living area, so without sacrificing brightness.

The balustrades can be decorated with any technique on glass or be integrated in combination with the wood, as in this example. The support structure in this case is in laminated.

glass spiral staircase

Glass staircase transform this item into a piece of design. In the example, we pass by a straight course to spiral. The structure consists of a steel cylinder where it passes the vertical upright which combines the various modules that make up the scale. We can distinguish such a "trunk" with various "branches" of a hypothetical tree: efficiency and lightness.

floating glass staircase

Another combination extremely interesting and perhaps will be the ideal for a home that does not point to a minimalist pure: the example in the picture is composed of stainless steel, glass staircase walk and galvanized iron painted in white. The combination of these three materials gives us an ideal structure for a modern interior design, the last division between living and sleeping area.


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